Hailing from upstate New York, LANA 3 is an all-original high-energy group of seasoned Capital District musicians rooted in classic rock and roll. Their fresh approach to songwriting culminates in a unique 21st-century sound. The 11 track debut album, Persistence Through Time, is currently available through our many electronic distribution partners such as CDBaby and iTunes, or by emailing us directly at info@lana3.com for the traditional classic CD version, complete with an 8-page booklet which includes lyrics and pictures.


The LANA 3 lineup is comprised of Mike Leonard, Mike Normandin and Rick Leonard, who together or apart have performed live for over a quarter-of-a-century. These guys have founded and led some of the Albany area's most popular rock acts over the years including Normandin with Stonehenge and Second Hand Smoke, and the Leonard Brothers with Teaser (of which Normandin played drums in the bands final glory years) to name a few. These bands have made significant contributions to the local music scene by delivering groundbreaking concepts, quality musical performances, and pleasing thousands of devoted fans along the way - many of which still proudly exist to this day.


With the same driven focus and determination to original material, LANA 3 creators Leonard, Normandin and Leonard once again lead the way by creating an honest approach to songwriting and a passionate desire to be heard. Persistence Through Time was recorded at the cozy confines of Don Fury Studios, home of the legendary recording engineer and producer, and presents a full band wall of sound from just 3 members.


The songs of LANA 3 are a musical perfect storm; a unique vision of passionate hard-edged classic rock, progressive pop, soulful ballads, and symphonic masterpieces. So sit back, close your eyes and turn up the new sounds of the next big thing in the musical journey that is your life. The clock is ticking.